Listen to the BBC Concert Orchestra’s podcast, exploring two extreme states; EXSTATICA & H7STERIA

Presenter Christopher Cook introduces the BBC Concert Orchestra’s two concerts exploring extreme emotional states; EXSTATICA & H7STERIA

Experience EXSTATICA on Monday 19 November, 7.30pm at Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall when the BBC Concert orchestra explores ecstatic states in music from incandescent bliss to pure, un-paralleled lust.

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And on Monday 3 December, 7.30pm, the BBC Concert Orchestra return to Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall to delve into the depths of the human psyche playing with fear, anxiety, disturbance and madness, in H7STERIA.

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The BBC Concert Orchestra runs the gamut from torment to joy with Exstatica on Monday 19 November at Queen Elizabeth Hall.

The programme features the maxed-out minimalism of  composer Michael Torke‘s ‘Ecstatic Orange’ and Arnold Schoenberg‘s ‘Transfigured Night’, inspired by Richard Dehmel’s poem where star-crossed lovers experience a moment of incandescent bliss.

Soprano Marie Angel joins the BBC Concert Orchestra to perform Michael Nyman‘s lustful songs ‘I Sonetti Lussuriosi’, which are set to the pornographic poems of Pietro Aretino. Despite being in Italian, their sexually explicit lyrics ensured the CD release wore the ‘Parental Advisory’ sticker more associated with gangsta rap.

Physical and intellectual ecstasy are all wrapped up in a special version of the Pet Shop Boys’ classic dance hit ‘I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing’, where Neil Tennant expressed the immortal desire to ‘take all my clothes off and dance to the Rite of Spring.’

This event contains sexually explicit material and is suitable for audiences aged 18+

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Presenter Mark Kermode and conductor Robert Ziegler talk about their upcoming concert, London On Film with the BBC Concert Orchestra and special guests Jeff Beck and Pete Townshend. Mark tells us how the concert came about and what he’s looking forward to, and Robert gives us an insight into the world of music and film. Recorded with thanks to BBC 6Music

London on Film is taking place on 11 June in the Queen Elizabeth Hall. To find out more and to book tickets click here.

Ether 2011: Space capsule lands at Southbank Centre

On 31 March & 1 April, Will Gregory’s Piccard in Space crash-lands at Southbank Centre as part of Ether 2011. Gregory’s (of Goldfrapp) debut opera is a classic adventure about the real-life physicist Auguste Piccard and his mission to prove Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

In 1931, he broke aviation records by reaching 51,775 feet (15,781m) above the earth in a tiny airtight capsule. Against all odds, Piccard survived being roasted by the sun and crashing into the Alps. In 1932, he went up again, reaching 53,152 feet (16,200m).

Clearly not a blackboard and chalk type of scientist, Piccard became world front-page news and the inspiration for Hergé’s cartoon character Professor Calculus in The Adventures of Tintin series.

Auguste Piccard

To celebrate BBC Concert Orchestra and Will Gregory’s collaboration, we have brought the actual 1932 capsule to Royal Festival Hall. Landing on site today, the capsule will be on display in the foyer until 11 April.

Capsule arriving at Southbank Centre

Capsule en route to Royal Festival Hall

The capsule as part of Ether 2011

See Will Gregory’s Piccard in Space at Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall on 31 March & 1 April as part of Ether 2011. Get tickets here.