Flashmob in the Queen Elizabeth Hall Foyer

Back in October, just before a performance of Julia Wolfe’s ‘Adventures in Sound’ by the BBC Concert Orchestra, unexpecting concert-goers enjoying a quiet pre-event drink in the Queen Elizabeth Hall bar were treated to an altogether impromptu performance.

Looks of confusion and bemusement appeared on their faces as a seemingly rowdy group of students began to occupy the Front Room in a swarm of raucous chatter. But the looks soon turned into expressions of pleasant surprise as the group converged on the stage and performed a foot-stomping, hand-clapping rendition of a Wolfe inspired piece.

These spontaneous performers were a group of Music in Practise students from West Hertfordshire College in Watford. The flashmob routine was created by BBC Concert Orchestra Principal Percussionists Alasdair Malloy and Stephen Whibley. It was inspired by Julia Wolfe’s street and body percussion concerto ‘riSE and fLY’, a BBC Radio 3 commission premiered by Colin Currie and the BBC Concert Orchestra later the same evening, as well as live on BBC Radio 3.

The students’ performance certainly provided an energetic kick-start to the evening, getting the audience geed up for what was an equally vibrant performance by the BBC Concert Orchestra as part of our 2012 Ether Festival.

Captured on film, finger-clicking, beat-boxing, and vigorous foot-taping a-plenty, enjoy the West Herts College’s performance for yourself!

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