Emerson String Quartet next week

The Emerson String Quartet perform three concerts next week – two Queen Elizabeth Hall events on Tuesday 3 and Thursday 5 March, and a special late-night one in The Front Room on Tuesday 3 March  at 10pm where they’ll answer your burning questions about chamber music.

Talking to us in an interview for the programme, violinist Philip Setzer commented on why their two programmes celebrating Haydn goes from Bartok to Ravel to Webern: ‘We like to either do programmes where we can show the breadth and influence a composer had. Haydn influenced everyone, as he was kind of the father of the string quartet. He influenced Beethoven completely and through Beethoven, influenced others…  I mean, people are still influenced by Haydn today.’

Read more from this interview in the programme available at any of these concerts.

Watch the Emersons as they recorded their groundbreaking disc of the Mendelssohn Octet with… themselves. No really.

Interview with iconic British composer Harrison Birtwistle

Iconic British composer Harrison Birtwistle talks to Southbank Centre’s Gillian Moore about his admiration of Olivier Messiaen.